Your most frequently asked questions

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You are organic! So you don't do any treatments?

It’s not as simple as that! I have to carry out a certain number of phytosanitary treatments, but in compliance with the organic (AB) specifications, i.e. with natural substances that are not derived from chemicals. These are mainly simple elements such as copper and sulphur, inert substances such as clay, lithotham or talc and organic substances (algae, orange peel, mushrooms). For many apple varieties, a minimum of sanitary protection is required. Otherwise, the production of the trees would be very reduced or even nil!

Your apples are organic, can I eat the skin ?

Indeed, you can and it is even recommended. The treatments that I carry out during the growing season respect the organic (AB) specifications, are very short-lived and do not leave any residues on the fruit. Moreover, the first millimetres of the fruit’s skin is very rich in minerals and vitamins. So don’t hesitate! Bite the apple!

How do you preserve your apples so well?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the fruit is picked by hand with the utmost care. The fruit is picked when it is fully ripe and well balanced. Secondly, the fruit is stored in a cold room (fridge) at 1 to 2°C with a high level of humidity. This slows down the ripening process of the fruit. Finally, I try to respect the seasons of each variety. For example, early varieties such as Reine des Reinettes, Elstar, Gala or Drap d’or are excellent in autumn but disappointing afterwards. So I might as well offer them to you at the right time of year!

What are the different varieties in the bags of applesauce apple?

As a rule, there is a mixture of several varieties. This is due to sorting differences either during harvest or during grading of the fruit (autumn to spring). The mix of varieties can therefore vary from week to week.

Your questions about our juices

There is sediment at the bottom of the apple juice bottles! Is this normal?

Yes, it is! My juice is very lightly filtered to keep a maximum of nutrients and flavours. As a result, it is a cloudy juice that I suggest you taste. This suspended matter tends of course to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Do not hesitate to shake the bottle a little before opening it! Have a good tasting.

Your juice is very sweet! Are there any added sugars?

No, it’s not! It’s pure apple juice! The sugar comes only from the fruit. Each cuvée is a blend of several varieties of apples with varying degrees of sweetness and acidity. The result is a real treat for the taste buds of young and old.

How long can I keep apple juice once the bottle has been opened?

About ten days in the fridge! And about 3 years if you don’t open it!