Jacques and Marie-Noëlle have been market gardeners and arboriculturists from generation to generation, perpetuating the know-how of the family farm.

Created in 1966 by my maternal grandfather, the farm has never stopped evolving over the years with the aim of a more sustainable production adapted to our times. Finding a balance between respect of the environment and customer satisfaction has become our priority over the years. When I took over the farm in 2003, the production was not yet certified organic. But in 2008, I decided to adhere to the organic standards for all my crops in order to reduce my phytosanitary treatments and to use more natural products such as algae or clays to protect the fruit. My sister Marie-Noëlle joined me on the farm in 2007: family work is in our DNA!

Since 2017, after stopping the strawberry production, I decided to return to the heart of our business: arboriculture. Adapting to our changing environment and taking on new challenges are also central to our work.

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